Big Cruz – “Cruz Control” Album Release Event

Shout Out to the DMV / Albanian homey Big Cruz for inviting POSSETV to his “Cruz Control” album release event. Check out some photos from that Exclusive. And Follow him @cruzer5x

While other rappers are losing themselves in the fast lifestyle that comes with a major rap career, Big Cruz is in Cruz Control of his artistic journey. The DMV artist uses his eleven-track album as a sneak peek of what’s happening in his life and where his actions are taking him next. 

His prior single “Big Lit ” emphasized his past in the trap and how he has too much to lose now that he’s in a more volatile position in life. To hone in on his obsession, he raps in the song, “Rule number 1, never tell anyone what you’re doing til it’s done.”

“Dear Heaven” places Cruz in a moment of introspection as he reflects on losing his grandma, brother, and other pivotal figures in the culture like Pop Smoke, Nipsey Hussle, and Kobe Bryant. He cites the song as “the diary of a soldier” and it takes listeners to his upbringing in the nation’s capital. 

“Soldier” starts out with Cruz stating they only know him in the present, but don’t know his past. That song focuses on how Cruz avoided temptation and how experiencing traumas in a third-world country formed a stoic and resilient Cruz. The second verse focuses on how Cruz gets love from his home country of Albania but he faces a new war of hatred in the states due to shining brighter than his peers.   

The album shows listeners that his passion for stunting is fueled by his entrepreneurial spirit and appreciation for living in the present through head-nodding cadences. Big Cruz isn’t caught up worrying about the future nor carries any past regrets. He’s focused on how his present moves can create greater ones. Cruz Control was produced by TrapHozay Beats and Galaxy.

To hear songs from “CRUZ CONTROL” (Click here)!

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